Artist's Statement

"My work may be seen as an open window to other realms. Its visual vocabulary has evolved from years of painting the landscape. I think of nature as a continuous flow of shapes and patterns of energy that has, or more precisely is, an intelligent force. There has been a resurgence in the field of science (especially in physics) that corresponds with the domain of mystics. Matter and energy are interchangeable, all the forces and particles in nature are one, just different ripples on the the ocean of consciousness: a Unified Field.
My process is a journey of exploration of color, light, texture and the poetics of space. A sense of structure is important to me, but I avoid strong divisions. I require a certain ‘fluidity’ where everything is flowing into the next thing. My compositions are infused with an overall light that is all-inclusive. A sort of self generating light rather than one coming from an external source. This doesn’t allow anything to be read as separate from the whole. There is diversity, just like in the natural world, but there is an underlying unity that is apparent.
In the past year or so I returned to plein air painting after a ten year break. The southwest landscape is irresistibly picturesque. More than just an exercise, for me it is dipping back into the well. I feel great respect for traditional approaches to landscapes, and also want to pay attention to unexpected effects that happen along the way and manage to edge the painting toward mystery"

-Rick Stevens.

Rick Stevens discusses and applies various techniques and the process of creating the 2014 oil painting Somewhere in May.

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courtesy of Hunter Kirkland Contemporary